Private Readings

I can help you with making a decision, finding another way to look at things so you don’t hurt emotionally, help clear energies that are blocking you, reprogram your subconscious, help you know what you want most in life, or kind of intuitive counseling you’l like help with. Sometimes, it’s great just to have someone to talk to that doesn’t know the other characters in your life.

I don’t enjoy just looking to the future and telling if your loved one is going to do what you want them to do. I don’t believe that is empowering. However, I could facilitate you seeing your part in the situation and seeing what to do about it. I could also help you to see things differently so you can stop hurting.

I have noticed that there is an emotional aspect to every situation or problem, even the ones that seem like another person’s fault.

If you can find your part in the situation, no matter how small, you can do something to effectively change things and you won’t feel like a hopeless victim.

IF you live in the area, it would be great to work in person, but if the distance is considerable, we can have a skype session.

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