Perhaps you can get a few ideas for your event from parties I’ve been booked at in the past:


The sponsors wanted guests to feel spoiled, so we set up up 5 stations.  One for numerology, one for palm reading, one for eye reading, for for quick card readings and one for handwriting analysis.


At this event, there was a large number of people to read for, and we wanted a way to include as many as possible so we did group numerology readings.

For these readings, we had up to 10 guests sit around a table at the same time.

Each was given a preprinted paper and a pen.
They were guided to fill in their names and shown how to count the values of the letters to reveal what influence their name had on them.

In numerology, each name produces 3 numbers which indicate a person’s outer personality, his or her hidden traits and personal purpose.

As their numbers were revealed, guests were given printed cards describing what their numbers meant. They took these cards home with them.

They not only enjoyed the readings, but they seemed to love having something to take home with them as a reminder.


This was an outdoor event and there were hundreds of students who wanted readings. I gathered groups of 8-10 students around a round concrete picnic table. and had them each extend their right palm over the table at the same time.

Then I used each to explained what a particular line meant and they would look at their own line to see if it was the same.

It was great! Students walked away feeling like they knew something about palm reading. Some felt confident enough to read at least a line or two in others palms.

I couldn’t count how many student I read in those 4 hours, but I know it was a bunch.


This particular company planned their event to have a cocktail hour in one room and then a sit down dinner in another, followed by 3 hours of entertainment.

They chose to have me stroll around reading guests in groups during the cocktail hour. During the dinner break, they offered for me to eat with them, so I didn’t charge for the dinner time.

After dinner, I sat at a specified table and gave individual readings.

This worked out nicely because I was able to give mini-readings to many guests as I strolled, and 5-10 minute readings to individuals after dinner.


A woman told one of her best friends that she wanted to take her out for lunch for her birthday.

What she didn’t tell her was that their mutual friend would be joining them and that she had hired me to read their palms and eyes during lunch.

She ordered for everyone. She ordered in courses and had me read something different with every course.


A small marketing firm invited 15 clients to a fancy restaurant. We all sat around one large table. The firm ordered 15 boxes of ANSWERS (my neo-tarot cards), which were modified to include the firm’s logo.

The head of the marketing firm kept these boxes by her chair in a decorative bag. As she handed me each box, I would change seats and do a card reading from this box for each person at the table. Each was given the box I read them from as a present from the marketing firm.

After all the readings, she initiated a discussion on psychic readings and invited her clients to ask me questions about reading in general.

Her clients all agreed they wouldn’t forget that evening or their hostess for a long time.


This was a party of twelve 10 and 11 year old girls.
It began in the study with individual palm readings. From there we moved to the large foyer where all the kids gathered in a circle. I showed them how to get their bodies to move like pendulums in answer to their questions and they were ecstatic.

Then they all relaxed on the floor as I guided them on a magical journey through a musical meditation. In the meditation, we took a trip to another dimension.

We are there to we put on a fashion show for a large group of people. We have to get our hair done, choose outfits to model, walk and move gracefully and radiate joy. On the way to the show, we stop in the hall of mirrors t look at ourselves. These mirrors reflect our true potential. No imperfections show up here.

Then we move on to the great auditorium. It is filled with expectant guests, but in this dimension, people don’t speak aloud. They have no need to. They communicate through ESP.

At the back of the auditorium, stands a coach. As they each take their turns modeling on the stage, they tune into the coach.

The crowd, being from this other dimension, never claps or gives verbal feedback. They have to know they are doing well without feedback. except for the pleasure they can see it in the eyes of the guests.

As they tune into the coach, she tells them, “Turn this way. Turn that way. Stand up straight. Smile. Good job. Everybody loves you, you can feel it.”

Before we could go back to the dressing rooms (in our minds), the doorbell rang. It was the pizza delivery man.

The Dad expected all the kids to get up and run into the kitchen for the pizza, but they said they wanted to keep meditating.

Who ever would have thought a group of girls would rather lie still and meditate than jump around and eat pizza?

That was a great experience for all of us.


The hostess surprised the bride-to-be at her shower by having me arrive after the food had been served and the conversations had time to wind down.

I read the bride-to-be in front of her friends, while sitting on an ottoman and someone recorded it on her cell phone. She was thrilled.

Then I read her sister and her mom. As the readings continued, some walked away to have their own conversations or eat dessert. As different guests took their turns, their closest friends would gather round to hear the readings while others wandered away, keeping the party active in many corners. Some of course, stayed close to hear every reading, which was a lot since I read for 3 1/2 hours.

The hostess moved us to a quieter room for the last hour or so and the readings became more intimate. This last group was mostly interested in love life readings and sharing and comparing that information with their friends. I taught them where to look in the hand of their significant-other to discover what kind of relationship he wanted, and how to know if they were on the same page.

Finally, the time came for the bride-to-be to open her gifts. Since I had read everyone at the shower, I left.

I can safely say a good time was had by all – including myself.


One accounting firm held an open house in their office every year for clients. They wanted me to make their clients feel spoiled. They had me give private readings in the President’s office with the door closed. Guests were allowed up to 15 minutes each ( which is extremely generous a party).

I ended up reading for 8 hours! We never ran out of clients who wanted readings, but eventually we did run out of daylight hours.


Dow Chemical made a bar height table which I stood behind.  Their employees stood in line and walked up to the table for quick eye readings.  I was able to keep track and I read 31 people an hour that day.

Continental airlines had the readers sit at tables for their employees.  They hired 7 of us to read for 4 hours.


The goal at a trade show is to get people to spend time at your booth. That’s an easy task when you offer free mini-readings.

While they wait their turn, company spokes people have a captive audience.

Many companies have booked me for trade shows held at regular convention halls.

Enterprise-Rent-A-Car even had me read at a golf tournament.

One trade show I read at was held at the horse-race track.


After a session of talking and brain-storming, the board met at the country club for dinner. They asked me first entertain the board members for a bit of stress relief.

Then members asked me to look at some of their new ideas
to see what insight I could pick up for them.

They seemed to find it valuable because they asked me come back for their next board meeting.


When a builder or a listing realtor wants to expose many selling realtors to a particular property, they often book me and advertise free lunch and free readings.

Experience has shown this is an effective way to get a large number of realtors to come and view the property.


At project prom parties for high school students, I focus on what they would enjoy most after high school, what talents they might want to pursue, what they need to keep in mind to be successful in their goals.  This is the most fun age to read for because they are so full of hopes and dreams and fears and emotions and sometimes unrealistic expectations.  I know that some of the readings I gave at these events helped kids make better decisions for their futures.


I used to do once a month parties for a group of about 40 where we played different games every month. To accommodate that number of  guests,  we’d have a different activity in each of 4 rooms and have a reader for each room.  Guests would circulate around as they liked and have a different experience in each room, then we’d all end up in the great room and do another activity together.

I called it Twilight Zone because most of those that came every month weren’t use to these kind of activities.   My goal was to choose things they’d probably never done before.  The idea of spending a night in the twilight zone helped them look forward to having weird experiences even if it wasn’t their usual mindset.