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This is where you can select the time you’d like to schedule together. 

PRE-PAYING FOR SESSIONS:Unless prior arrangements have been made, your payment must be completed at least 24 hours prior to our session, otherwise the session will not occur. Once you pay for your session, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to contact me to schedule your appointment & it will include other details on how to prepare. 

If seeing me in person, you can bring cash or check but must pre-pay if using credit card.PREPARATION:Write down a list of questions ahead of time, but do not send them to me. We will address them live when we connect. Nothing is taboo and everything isn’t just confidential, it is sacred.  Be on time and be hydrated. This is for you, not for me. It will allow you to better feel the changes taking place.

If you are in the Altamonte Springs area, I would encourage you to visit with me in person, or there is also Skype and phone. 

Email is the best way to reach me, so if you have questions or concerns, please contact me prior to our appointed time at  

Note: If you have pre-paid and I cannot reach you via phone and email within the first 15 minutes, we will reschedule. We both need to be committed to our time together. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

PayPal accepts any major credit or debit card!

I do not issue refunds for any reason. I charge for my time on the phone, Skype or in person and if you cancel prior to an appointment or during one for any reason, there are no refunds. If you purchase a product, there are no refunds or exchanges for any reason at any time. Once delivered, they cannot be unheard or unseen and cannot be returned.

I do not guarantee any results any more than any physician, lawyer or teacher would. I am only charging for services of time and or for products and I make no promises or guarantees, expressed, written or implied.

Paypal accepts all major credit and debit cards. You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account in order to use Paypal.