Lindy Lumbert known as Party Palm Reader  is also known for reading eyes, doing numerology, reading cards and interpreting handwriting at parties.

She is also the author of more than a dozen games to help people develop their own intuitive abilities while being entertained.

Lindy believes that the greatest pleasures in life come from tuning into the subtle energies of the Universe.
She believes it’s also a great way to avoid pain.

Lindy shares her findings in entertaining and informative ways.  She has been reading at corporate and private events since 1990, mostly in the Houston area, but currently in the Altamonte Springs area as well.

When she reads eyes and palms at parties, she intends to tell you
* What people love most about you
* What you’re doing right
* What are your best talents and abilities
I say what she intends to tell you, because sometimes, there’s something the Universe just wants you to hear and that will come out instead.

It’s mostly compliments, which makes for great party talk!

Anyone who knows Lindy Lumbert will tell you that she has has uncanny ability to turn everything she does into fun. Her secret is using her intuition for every task she possibly can.

For example, while in the interior design business, Lindy would tune into her clients so their homes always looked like ‘them’ instead of her. She would sit and stare at the room until the finished look would just pop into her head. Then she’d draw that picture for her client.

When writing her weekly newspaper column, and her various books, Lindy sets her intention for the piece she wants to write, then ‘tunes in’. “The words just write themselves,” she says.

She teaches people how to develop their own psychic and intuitive abilities. She’s a wonderful facilitator who knows how to guide people into a state where they have heavenly experiences of their own.


TEXT OR Call Lindy now to discuss your party or event.   407-233-0650